FG collaborates with Japan to preserve agricultural products

(March 21, 2017) The Nigerian Export Promotion Council, NEPC and Japanese  External Trade Organisation, JETRO, are working together on ways to reduce post-harvest losses arising from poor packaging of agricultural products in the country.

Mr Awolowo, who noted that packaging is a global issue and a critical aspect of product development and sustainability in the market stressed that a good quality product without appropriate packaging was as good as a bad market.

He said the aim of the seminar was to increase the marketability of the nation's agricultural products through enhanced skills in global standards of packaging.

Mr Awolowo who pointed out that about 40 to 50 percent of the nation's fresh fruits and vegetables are lost as a result of poor packaging, handling and preservation added that the seminar would assist the average farmer and exporter to gain better insights into issues related to global standard on packaging of export.

According to Mr Awolowo, there is no shortcut for producers of vegetables and perishable products to have competitive advantage in the global market without quality packaging system.

Mr Awolowo noted that packaging and standards were global issues that determine product development and sustainability.

The Trade Commissioner of JETRO in Lagos, Mr Taku Miyazaki, said Nigeria had huge potentials in agricultural sector, with the country being number one producer of commodities like yam, cassava, groundnut and maize.

According to Mr Miyazaki, Nigeria is presently the biggest supplier of sesame seed to Japan for the purposes of producing edible oil.

Some farmers said the seminar was a welcome development as it exposed them to how packaging could help sell their products .

The seminar was attended by exporters, farmers and entrepreneurs

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